PROTEC ADR 32 is the sheets counter equipped with ADR 32 counting head high performance technology.

PROTEC ADR 32 counts without corner deformation nor scratches up to 3.000 sheets per minute. The counting is done from top downwards. This is an extremely robust machine (250 Kg of solid steel) with wide steel knock-ups and designed for a professional and durable use. 

The machine is programmed by a graphic high resolution touch screen panel 7" allowing communication to external networks by dedicated ports. The driving software has been completely redesigned and integrated with additional functions to speed up production cycles. 

A wide choice of accessory is available for any requirement. 

Three models are supplied for the Commercial Printing and Converting sectors detailed by the chart next page. Specific models with on purpose structure, technical solutions and software, designed to serve special security requirements, can be found in dedicated literature. 




  • Sheets counting and batching (pack splitting with tab insertion).
  • Counting  preset numbers of sheets and stopping for pick up.
  • Counting totals accruing in case of multiple packs counting job.
  • Advice for the job correct settings to the operator.
  • Storing up to 8 counting settings.
  • Periodical maintenance deadline notification.
  • Sensors diagnostic systems.


  • Table 70 x 100 (cm) with or without air floatation.
  • Small size adapting tray.
  • Synchronized pack lifters for heavy reams.
  • Counting data transmission to external computers.



Based on our 25 years long experience in sheets counting, at the end two years of research and development, we have realized the new Counting Head with "ADR 32" technology that keeps the key benefits of DUAL SYSTEM counting with twin aspiration palette without corner deformation nor scratching and displaying the widest counting range on the market. 

ADR 32 can count sheets from 40 to 800 GSM and insert separation tabs at a speed reaching up to 3.000 sheets per minute thanks to a revolutionary mechanical core and to a latest generation optic fiber electronic. 

This technology has been designed and realized to meet the severe standards of currency sheets counting but it is perfect also for the commercial printing, converting and packaging applications. 

These are the key features:

  • Anti-scratch and anti-curl system: the counting head does not press the sheets with its own weight.
  • Completely redesigned mechanical core counting and tabbing up to 3.000 sheets / minute. 
  • Optic fiber system  for reliable and precise counting. 
  • "Easy clips" system to change from thin to thick substrate (or vice versa) in just a few seconds. 
  • Counting paper, cardboard and plastic sheets from 40 to 800µM.
  • Stabilizer system to count accurately paper with deformed corners.


Below is the link with detailed features.




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