Automatic Sheets Counters Line PACK MOVER High Pile
PACK MOVER line allows sheets counting directly from the pile eliminating the load /unload problem typical of traditional counters.The input pile is automatically aligned to the counting head. It is the latest evolution of PROTEC line, physically counting the sheets one by one with the versatility, precision and reliability of new ADR 32 technology, counting up to 3.000 sh/minute. All PACK MOVERs count directly from the pile and pick the counted pack to lay it on a conveyor. They may automatically feed the following in line steps: cutting, binding and packaging. Or they can perform additional tasks, such as optical verifications, insertion of front and back cover, saddle stitching, and film wrapping. It is the ideal solution for those needing to count and batch big quantities of sheets to be finished and packaged.
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