Automatic Sheets Counters Line PACK MOVER High Pile

How does PACK MOVER work.
- The sheets pile, placed on a pallet, is loaded on the PACK MOVER CS elevator. 
-The Pile Straightener System at entry automatically jogs the pile aligning it to the counting head. 
- The counting head counts the programmed sheets quantity 
and a pneumatic clip system picks the counted pack and lays it on a conveyor belt.
- (optional on request) Optical barcode scanners perform programmed verification on the front sheet for a security check.
- Having passed the verifications, the pack is placed on the output pile alternately staggered to facilitate pick up. 
- In the meantime, the counting head has already begun counting a new pack.

- On demand, the counted packs can be alternately staggered or separated by tab or speration sheets insertion.


Download high definition picture.

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