Products F Counter 320 con Tecnologia OCS F 320 Counter "S" friction feeder and batch counter

F 320 Counter "S" friction feeder and batch counter

Based on a sound technical analysis, drawing on a 25 years experience, B.Matic has realized this original  friction feeder equipped with a unique technology:

"Opposing Cantilever Shafts - O.C.S." (patent pending).


The friction feeder F320 COUNTER S is perfect to count and split into batches stacks of flat products such as: 

-       envelope counting

-       credit and plastic cards

-       greeting cards, business cards etc

-       labels

-       booklets

-       security counting such as scratch prizes, tickets, lottery  et cetera.


These are the outstanding innovation introduced by O.C.S.:


1. It solves the problem of the periodical replacement of the friction and feeding belts subject to wear simplifying the task greatly without need for specialized technicians cutting machine downtimes.

2. It allows quick and simple  adjustment to products width. By turning one single knob it is possible to shift the complete  singulating assembly, (including all the rollers, belts, et cetera ).


Additional key features are:

3. The  twin opposing singulating assemblies  can be adjusted independently and will remain perfectly parallel ensuring  uniform wear of the belts and rollers even with sheets of non uniform thickness.

4. The exit extension belts turn at different speed from the singulating belts for a perfect product separation.  


F320 COUNTER S is a professional sheets counter equipped with the best solutions.

Mechanics have been realized for industrial use with the latest technologies and CNC precisions available; all parts have been protected with surface treatments,
 all axial motions have been realized on hardened ball recycling, guideways, all adjustments are guided by graduated scales.


F320 COUNTER S is programmed by a wide touch screen interface and controlled by PLC, can be fitted with optional optical scanners for counting verification or quality checking and can be interfaced to external computers for security applications. It is equipped with two double sheets sensors and a sensor for joints sheets based on encoder to ensure 100% reliable counting. 


F320 COUNTER S is customizable with a wide range of accessories such as the autoloaders and outfeed conveyors, multiple feeders can be placed inline on packaging lines.

It is available also the version named "F320 FEEDER S" which is not used as a stand alone counter, but as a feeder for single or multiple sheets controlled by external pulse



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