During the early 90s, while B.MATIC was active in the field of tab inserting equipment, some important customers asked us to supply machines for counting reams and piles of paper sheets. The simplest and straightforward way was to copy the paper counting system already on the market just like American and Japanese companies were doing.

In that moment, .B.MATIC chose its future and its philosophy: inventing is better than copying.

In a few years time the first paper counter was invented and showcased. Thanks to the "Dual System" technology, it is able to count and batch a pack of sheets, even thick ones, without corners deformation or without shifting them from the ream.

Later on, one of the major innovative features of "DualSystem",  the sheets counting from the top onwards, enabled us to enact a second decisive innovation:

at the beginning of the third millennium B.MATIC designed and realized the "PackMover" the only paper counting equipment  to count, pick and shift a pack of given number of sheets directly from the pile.

These two inventions have promoted and spread B.MATIC paper counters throughout the World while the technology was tested on the field in hundreds of applications and many working years. Subsequent incremental refinements have led our sheets counting equipment  to the reliability and stability typical of technical maturity.

Furthermore, recently they have been themselves object of imitation by some of our competitors and we are proud of this confirmation of our technological leadership.

Our focus will always be on the research and development of innovations in order to maintain this same leadership...and the best is yet to come!

At present many project are under development with many important novelties for the paper counting industry: trust us and you won't be deceived.


Sergio Bertasi. 



Care in producing and care in servicing sheets counting equipment and friction feeders

B.MATIC is a manufacturer entirely specialised and focused on sheets counting equipment and riction feeders. 
During our long lasting experience we have faced a wide range of situations and requirements in this field. Also thanks to this accumulated experience, our after-sale service has reached a high degree of effectiveness.
The after sales service is structured into several different levels:
  1. first of all we design and realize machinery with minimum maintenance requirements and we study their details also with the aim of increasing the life of the equipment and reducing the downtimes.
  2. we design and realize the equipment also keeping in mind the conveneince of access for inspeciton and repair. 
  3. local service provided by our international partners, trained at B.MATIC's workshop. 
  4. directly from our workshop, remote assistance through modern communication systems - not only e-mails and telehpone but also video communications - and prompt response delays. 
  5. when agreed upon, periodical visits for predictive maintenance. 
  6. direct intervention by the Manufacturer's engineers. 
  7. equipment inspection and repair at our workshop.


B.Matic: a long history, a long experience.

B.MATIC was established in 1986, manufacturing special sensors for graphic industry. Three years later it started to design, develop and manufacture sheets counting equipment and tab inserters. B.MATIC played quickly a leading role in this feld thanks to the passion, knowledge and attention to the quality of its products and customers' requirements. This led us to introduce in the market a few essential technical innovations like the new ADR 32 sheets counting technology latest development to the previous original DUAL SYSTEM and our unique line of sheets pile counters: PACK MOVER. The technological and innovative importance of products, gave B.MATIC the opportunity to conquer early the domestic and foreign markets reaching excellent results in sales (6000 machines sold all over the world up to now).


Our strong points ·
-Multiannual Experience ·
-Listen to customer needs by offering alternative and ad hoc solutions ·
-Continuous investment in research and development ·
-Quality, reliability, precision.
-Dynamism and flexibility


What we offer ·
-Certified Quality Products ·
-efficient pre-and post-sales assistance ·
-Timeliness in delivery ·
-Training, testing and video demonstrations on your samples ·
-Technical and commercial support ·
-Submission of documentation (manuals, drawings, application examples, etc...)


Areas of application of our products ·

  • Print graphics, typography, lithographs.
  • Graphic Printing with rotary (special applications for newspaper splitting) ·
  • Painting and laminating centers of sheets · Die Cutting Centers ·
  • Paper mills (Special and custom applications on spool-sheet cutters) ·
  • Processing and finishing of paper and sheets in general ·
  • Manufacturers and retailers of graphic machinery with special applications B. MATIC counts among its prestigious customers national and foreign companies as well as paper producers coin and securities, public bodies, universities.

Enlarged production structure.

B.MATIC is acting as headquarters and propelling centre of a network of companies specialised in the different production phases and treatments and located mostly in Bologna industrial area with a strong technical vocation and long lasting tradition. 
These are all professional suppliers using advanced technologies and having specific experience in their fields. 
They enable B.MATIC to match efficiency and flexibility.
Beside a short photo gallery of some production phases of our machines, including:

 - Precision Machining on CNC machines.
- Welding.
- Painting.

A competent distribution network
B.MATIC works in cooperation with a worldwide network of dealers and agents.  Companies specialised in their respective fields and trained by our Sales department. Besides their ability to provide the right advice for equipment purchase, they can also supply an adequate after-sale service, always in cooperation with B.MATIC Service Department. 
Ideas, inventions, passion

Ideas and inventions spring up from the passion and of the remarkable inventive gifts of Mr Sergio Bertasi, CEO of B.MATIC. 

Early during its secondary school, he learns technics and technologies from his father, Adriano Bertasi skilled printing presses engineers with a remarkable experience,

with whom he cooperates for a few years. During this period he perceives the possibility to improve the automatic systems installed on printing machines. 


In 1985, attending the courses at Engineering Faculty, he starts the design and development of a few prototypes of optical control systems.

In 1986 he constitutes the company B.MATIC

In 1988 he designs and develops the first tab inserter Professional with Double Ribbing Technology.

In 1989 he showcases at the first international exhibition.

In 1992 he invents, designs and develops the first paper counter Max-1 with Dual System technology. 

In 1998 he  designs the first paper counter Protec with Dual System technology. 

In 2006 he invents and develops the first paper counter Pack Mover with Dual System technology. 

In a few years span, B.Matic presents on the market the Protec Mini, the tab inserter Tab-In, and friction counter Series F and several models of smaller and bigger Pack Mover.

The latest invention during 2012 has been the new friction counter F320 based on the innovative Opposing Cantilever Shafts technology for which a patent application has been filed. 

Presently the main activity of Mr.Bertasi takes place in the Technical Department, where he coordinates an efficient and dynamic group of qualified technical designers, aided by powerful IT systems and CAD software of the latest generation. 

High quality machines, delivered Worldwide to top Customers, are the result of a 25 years long work driven by the same passion.