B.MATIC: World leader in sheet counting machines and friction sheeters since 1986.

More than 7,000 machines sold all over the world, also used by the most important producers of currency sheets and banknotes.


  • Single and double head sheet counting machines.
  • Tab-inserters.
  • Automatic sheet counters from the pile. 
  • High quality friction feeders.

Main sectors

  • Currency sheets and  Banknote Production, State and private printing plants for the production of passports, credit cards / ID cards.
  • Commercial printing, sheetfed offset, print finishing, cutting lines.
  • Converting Paper mills, paper converters from reels to sheets.
  • Packaging Production lines in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic sectors. 



To better adapt to continuous market fluctuations, B.MATIC has chosen to combine efficiency and flexibility by implementing the organization with a network of 9 external companies specialized in the various production and processing phases. The production network is located in the Po Valley, also known as Packaging Valley, famous throughout the world for the production of automatic machines, motorcycles and super cars.
The employees within the main office can therefore focus on the design / development, assembly, testing and the entire distribution part.


Planning and development
B.Matic has implemented the technical office with Work stations and latest generation solid modeling programs. Our PDM Server takes care of data encryption/protection management with a sophisticated Disaster recovery system. Our Research and Development office tests the prototypes and proposes design improvements.

Quality check
All the pieces produced are checked before storage, furthermore all the machines are tested before delivery.


Company organization for quality products
In 2022 B.Matic carried out a significant company restyling by implementing storage with latest generation automatic vertical warehouses and data network for industry 4.0.
The main production area B.Matic (video tour)


The related industry
The B.Matic subcontractors, including internal and external employees, suppliers, retailers and commercial collaborators, have more than 140 employees.

After-sales services

Once the delivery and testing phase has been completed, B.Matic provides an advanced after-sales service system following the customer in all phases of the machine's life.
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A competent distribution network
B.MATIC works in cooperation with a worldwide network of dealers and agents.  Companies specialised in their respective fields and trained by our Sales department. Besides their ability to provide the right advice for equipment purchase, they can also supply an adequate after-sale service, always in cooperation with B.MATIC Service Department. 
Ideas, inventions, passion

Ideas and inventions spring up from the passion and of the remarkable inventive gifts of Mr Sergio Bertasi, CEO of B.MATIC. 

Early during its secondary school, he learns technics and technologies from his father, Adriano Bertasi skilled printing presses engineers with a remarkable experience,

with whom he cooperates for a few years. During this period he perceives the possibility to improve the automatic systems installed on printing machines. 


In 1985, attending the courses at Engineering Faculty, he starts the design and development of a few prototypes of optical control systems.

In 1986 he constitutes the company B.MATIC

In 1988 he designs and develops the first tab inserter Professional with Double Ribbing Technology.

In 1989 he showcases at the first international exhibition.

In 1992 he invents, designs and develops the first paper counter Max-1 with Dual System technology. 

In 1998 he  designs the first paper counter Protec with Dual System technology. 

In 2006 he invents and develops the first paper counter Pack Mover with Dual System technology. 

In a few years span, B.Matic presents on the market the Protec Mini, the tab inserter Tab-In, and friction counter Series F and several models of smaller and bigger Pack Mover.

The latest invention during 2012 has been the new friction counter F320 based on the innovative Opposing Cantilever Shafts technology for which a patent application has been filed. 

Presently the main activity of Mr.Bertasi takes place in the Technical Department, where he coordinates an efficient and dynamic group of qualified technical designers, aided by powerful IT systems and CAD software of the latest generation. 

High quality machines, delivered Worldwide to top Customers, are the result of a 25 years long work driven by the same passion. 





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