新的 摩擦给料机 F350 的出口收集盘

tuesday 09 april 2024 - 10:35

350 的收集托盘是一个有用的配件,可以简单有序地堆放产品。

带有 5 个辐条的高度可调底座保证了出色的稳定性。
F350 堆垛机托盘可以通过两种方式安装:
直接位于 F350 摩擦送料器的出口处

High tech. data exchange on B.MATIC sheets counters

monday 06 february 2023 - 13:31
Product batching in variable quantities based on an input file.Printing the counting results and job data on a label.Data storing on a file downloadable by FTP connection. Checking a sequence on counted products based on an input pace (for F350). Besides these applications others can be realized on request. For additional information contact B.MATIC Sales Department.


monday 16 january 2023 - 09:50

With the continuous striving for improvement that distinguishes the B.MATIC spirit, we decided to add some important technical details to the PROTEC ADR ST pedestal sheet counter, and created the new PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 version. Let's start by saying that the counting technology remains the same ADR 32 which has demonstrated proven reliability in over 8 years and also the structure of the machine with its stability and sturdiness has not been substantially modified.

However, some important innovations have been introduced to further improve the quality of use and further facilitate the maintenance and transport of this sheet counting machine which has already achieved great success.

In particular, the knock-ups of the machine are now made with numerical control to guarantee greater precision and then covered in stainless steel to ensure solidity.
Elegant handles have been added to the guard plates to allow quick and easy opening in case of inspection.
Furthermore, the new machine now rests on four feet and not six, to facilitate transport by pallet truck. Other important technical details concern the modification of the position of the cooling fan and the pump filter.

For details you can download the brochure at the bottom of the page.


monday 30 may 2022 - 14:20

B.MATIC 板材計數器再次引起了西班牙巴塞羅那 GRAPHISPAG 2022 展會參觀者的讚賞,他們能夠體驗 B.MATIC 最近在其板式計數器、計數器和摩擦分離器中引入的創新,特別是 折疊紙計數新技術、PROTEC ADR 32 ST 片材計數器的更新圖形界面和用於檢查條碼的新 F350 VISION 系統。
B.MATIC 感謝客戶的興趣和愉快的討論。

2022 年 5 月 18 日至 19 日在赫尔辛基的 Sign, Print & Promotion 参观我们
tuesday 10 may 2022 - 14:23

为了更贴近北欧客户,B.MATIC 将与当地知名合作伙伴 GRAFITRIO 公司合作,在 Sign, Print & Promotion 上展示其产品系列。

在 6s 70 / 71 号展位与我们见面

展示:PROTEC ADR 32 ST 高速片材计数机,用于纸张、纸板和塑料,不会损坏边缘,采用 OCS 技术的 F350 COUNTER SC 摩擦送纸器可快速更换皮带和格式,无需工具和 TAB- 来自 TAB-IN 生产线的 IN COUNTER 用于印刷机、模切机、卷到片切割机......


GRAPHISPAG,巴塞罗那,西班牙,2022 年 5 月 24 日至 27 日,展位 n° B30
friday 22 april 2022 - 14:31

我们很高兴地宣布,B.MATIC 将于 2022 年 5 月 24 日至 27 日在西班牙巴塞罗那的 GRAPHISPAG 展出,地点是当地合作伙伴 EMGRAF - EQUIPOS Y MAQUINARIA GRAFICA SL 的展位 n° B30。
B.MATIC 将展示各种各样的机器:采用创新的 PROTEC ADR 32 高速片材计数机,适用于纸张、纸板和塑料而不会损坏边缘,采用 OCS 技术的 F350 COUNTER SC 摩擦送纸器可快速更换皮带和格式,无需工具和 TAB-IN 生产线中的 TAB-IN COUNTER 用于印刷机、模切机、卷筒切割机......

thursday 25 november 2021 - 09:47

It is now possible to order the new PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 the new generation of ADR32 based paper counters for security printing.


Hereby the key innovations coming with the machine.


Lower presser. Device that can be activated from the panel that allows to count even highly deformed sheets, in particular sheets with a downwards curved corner and / or reams with the corner not resting on the table.
Upper presser. Device that can be activated from the touch panel to count even highly deformed sheets, in particular reams not resting on the table.
Adjustable clamp. Adjustable clamp according to sheets size.
Incorporated knock-ups. Incorporated knock-ups that facilitate the manual equalization of the stack before and after counting, incorporated on the table, both on the right and left side.
Presetting for side table extension. Lateral extension of the table can be mounted on request both on the right and to the left hand side.
New generation Stabilizer. New generation Stabilizer with 4 blades even more effective with deformed sheets and applicable also to medium thickness paper boards.
Dedicated pulse card. Pulse card dedicated to PLC independent microprocessor counting even more precise at high speeds.
New tab insertion system. Tape feeding with opening door system for easier insertion of the tape when replacing the reel and adjustable deflector for optimal insertion of the tab even with very deformed reams.
Updated software. Updated software with many improvements both for use and for diagnostics
 The new strengthened structure reduces vibrations at high speeds

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