B.Matic @ DRUPA 2024 Fair Show

friday 31 may 2024 - 10:19

For all our customers and dealers,

the B.Matic team is glad to welcome you to the DRUPA 2024 show.
We are already receiving many visits at booth 14 D04, well over our most optimistic expectations.
Do not miss this unique opportunity to test your samples on the paper counters and friction feeders range exhibited!


tuesday 09 april 2024 - 10:35


The collection tray for F350 is a useful accessory for stacking products in a simple and orderly way.


  • It has adjustable aligning guides with knobs for perfect alignment of the products.
  • The surfaces in contact with the products are made of stainless steel without residues on the products.
  • The height-adjustable pedestal with 5 spokes guarantees excellent stability.
  • The entire structure is made of steel with a tilting platform.
  • A slot in the structure allows the insertion of fingers for easy extraction of the stacked products.

The F350 Stacker Tray can be fit in two ways:


1-directly at the exit of the F350 friction feeder
2-after the conveyor belt where the products come at reduced speed and already slightly overlapped.


friday 09 february 2024 - 14:07

After 8 long years B.MATIC returns to exhibit in DRUPA,  Duesseldorf, Germany.


We will be happy to meet Customers and Partners at the most famous and popular international fair for the Printing Technologies from 28th May to 7th June 2024.


The complete range of B.MATIC sheet counters, ream counters and friction feeders will be showcased in Hall 14 STAND D04 to which the B.MATIC Staff gives you alreadya warm welcome.

New corporate organization for quality products

friday 08 september 2023 - 12:26

B.Matic has carried out a significant company restyling by implementing the latest generation of automatic vertical storage (two towers) and data network for industry 4.0.
The main production area B.Matic (video tour)

New installation of B.MATIC sheet counting machines
thursday 23 march 2023 - 12:45

ADR 32 sheet counter technology was chosen by a major Asian customer in the security printing industry, over edge-scratching competitor systems.
The ADR 32 sheet counter technology has once again been chosen by an important Asian customer in the security printing sector. competing systems that scratch the edges

After installing the first sheet counting machine, the customer appreciated the robust,professional structure and the innovative counting technology equipped with the new systems for counting highly deformed cards.

We also thank the partners of our foreign sales network who have supported over the years the supply of many sheet counter systems to important customers in the world of security printing.

High tech. data exchange on B.MATIC sheets counters
monday 06 february 2023 - 13:31
Product batching in variable quantities based on an input file.Printing the counting results and job data on a label.Data storing on a file downloadable by FTP connection. Checking a sequence on counted products based on an input pace (for F350). Besides these applications others can be realized on request. For additional information contact B.MATIC Sales Department.
monday 16 january 2023 - 09:50

With the continuous striving for improvement that distinguishes the B.MATIC spirit, we decided to add some important technical details to the PROTEC ADR ST pedestal sheet counter, and created the new PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 version. Let's start by saying that the counting technology remains the same ADR 32 which has demonstrated proven reliability in over 8 years and also the structure of the machine with its stability and sturdiness has not been substantially modified.

However, some important innovations have been introduced to further improve the quality of use and further facilitate the maintenance and transport of this sheet counting machine which has already achieved great success.

In particular, the knock-ups of the machine are now made with numerical control to guarantee greater precision and then covered in stainless steel to ensure solidity.
Elegant handles have been added to the guard plates to allow quick and easy opening in case of inspection.
Furthermore, the new machine now rests on four feet and not six, to facilitate transport by pallet truck. Other important technical details concern the modification of the position of the cooling fan and the pump filter.

For details you can download the brochure at the bottom of the page.

B.MATIC exhibition GRAPHISPAG 2022
monday 30 may 2022 - 14:20

Once again the B.MATIC sheet counters aroused the appreciation of the visitors of the GRAPHISPAG 2022 fair, Barcelona - Spain, who were able to experience the innovations recently introduced by B.MATIC in its plate counters, counters and friction separators, in particular the new technologies for counting folded paper, the updated graphic interface of PROTEC ADR 32 ST sheet counters and the new F350 VISION system for checking bar codes.
B.MATIC thanks the Customers for the interest shown and the pleasant discussions.

Visit us at Sign, Print & Promotion, Helsinki from 18th to 19th of May 2022
tuesday 10 may 2022 - 14:23

In order to be closer to its nordic customers, B.MATIC will show its product range at the Sign, Print & Promotion in cooperation with the well know local partner, the company GRAFITRIO.


Meet us at the booths n° 6s 70 / 71


For show:  PROTEC ADR 32 ST high-speed sheet counting machines for paper, cardboard and plastic without damaging the edge, the F350 COUNTER SC friction feeder with OCS technology for rapid belt change and format change, without the need for tools and the TAB-IN COUNTER from the TAB-IN line for printing machines, die-cutting machines, roll to sheet cutters.

GRAPHISPAG, BARCELONA, SPAIN, from 24 to 27 May 2022, Stand n ° B30
friday 22 april 2022 - 14:31

We are pleased to announce that B.MATIC exhibits at GRAPHISPAG, BARCELONA, SPAIN, from 24 to 27 of May 2022, at Stand n ° B30 of the local partner EMGRAF - EQUIPOS Y MAQUINARIA GRAFICA SL.
B.MATIC will present a wide variety of machines: with the innovative PROTEC ADR 32 high-speed sheet counting machines for paper, cardboard and plastic without damaging the edge, the F350 COUNTER SC friction feeder with OCS technology for rapid belt change and format change, without the need for tools and the TAB-IN COUNTER from the TAB-IN line for printing machines, die-cutting machines, roll to sheet cutters ....

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