First Pack Mover ADR 32 sold to the BANK OF ITALY

monday 03 june 2019 - 18:53

The first ADR 32 Pack Mover ordered for the automatic Banknote Bank counting.

Completed the new Pack Mover ADR 32 for banknotes counting

wednesday 15 may 2019 - 18:40

We are pleased to announce that the new ADR 32 Pack Mover for security with double counting head has been completed.


The "PACK MOVER ADR 32 100 TH" is an automatic counting machine capable of counting and moving reams of sheets directly from the pile. This model performs the counting and, before moving the ream from the pile, performs a physical check of the counting between the two heads.
The "PACK MOVER ADR 32 100 TH" uses the ADR 32 technology, developed in over 30 years of experience, the only one that does not scratch and does not bend the corner and is able to count a wide range of thicknesses for both paper and plastic sheets.


monday 08 april 2019 - 13:00

We are pleased to inform you that B.MATIC in cooperation with our local dealer KEMENYFEM KFT will participate at PPD EXPO Hungary Exhibition 9-11 April 2019

We will present our latest innovative products in Paper Counting Machines, Friction Feeders Solutions and Tab InserterS.

F Counter 350 con Tecnologia OCS

tuesday 05 march 2019 - 13:42

With a continuously updated production and innovative technical solutions, B.MATIC has successfully participated in the press exhibition in Portugal.

The mechanic has been realized for an industrial use with the maximum technologies and CNC precisions present on the market, as well as customizable with a wide range of accessories.

For more information, visit the Product page.


F Counter 350 con Tecnologia OCS

B.MATIC renew the participation to PRINTPACK INDIA. from 01-until 06 February
wednesday 23 january 2019 - 12:59

Given the great successes met by our paper counting and feeding machines during past exhibitions in India, B.MATIC is happy to renew its participation to PRINTPACK INDIA. from 01-until 06 February .Hall 9, Stall No. E-38/39. We will be present at the stand of our partner JOY D-ZIGN ENGINEERS PVT. LTD
For all our customers, we are pleased to announce that B.MATIC exhibits the innovative "PROTEC ADR 32" paper counting machine, which tripled the speed mantaining top precision in sheets counting.
"ADR 32" is latest sheets counting technology perfect for security printing, commercial printing, converting and packaging

The counting technology "ADR 32" for Security
monday 24 september 2018 - 11:38


The counting technology "ADR 32" increasingly widespread in industry production and printing papers Securities and banknotes.
Thanks to its unique characteristics of precision and versatility, the "ADR 32" technology is enjoying great success among printers and Paper Mills Security , Manufacturers and Banknote printers
of European and extra European countries: Bank of Thailand, CPBMC (China), Dipa (Hungary),...etc, are among the important customers who like to make use of new technology B.MATIC. while the Bank of Italy (notoriously one of the Euro printers with the highest quality and safety standards) decided to entrust B.MATIC with a new major supply. Following the recent delivery of three double-headed units equipped with "ADR 32".


monday 30 july 2018 - 12:37

Following the great success of OCS Technology (Opposite Cantilaver Shafts), invented by B.MATIC which allows to adjust sheets size without tools in a few seconds.
B.MATIC decided to introduce some important innovations to its F320 COUNTER.

The result of these changes is the NEW FEEDER: "F350 COUNTER" ready for launch after a series of rigorous tests and the completion of the CE certification.
-wider product entry (additional 30 mm)
-a more convenient location for the display.
-more compact structure for easier installation in the Packing Lines
-additional functions


Booking of the unit will be possible in short after the communication broadcast to the public.

4 axis cnc
wednesday 04 april 2018 - 12:45

To be closer to the needs of its customers, B.MATIC has decided to equip itself with a new 4-axis numerical control machining center that will allow to follow real-time precision machining, on parts, spare parts and make special pieces on request.

New compact and economical model, PROTEC CM ADR
tuesday 18 july 2017 - 10:01

PROTEC CM ADR is the compact high-speed model that exploits ADR counting technology. An optimized technical design has allowed us to create a solid table machine equipped with an exclusive system, which makes our models unique in the world.
The ADR technology counts the sheets one by one by means of suction palettes, making it possible to count not only flat paper but also cardboard and plastic, without scratching or deforming the angle of counting. Despite its small size, the counter PROTEC CM ADR can count a wide range of weights (from 40 to 500 GSM according to the model) with high counting speed (maximum speed 2,400 sheets per minute).
The settings to adjust the machine for the thickness of the material are extremely quick and simple, and do not require mechanical equipment: the operator can manually replace the counting plates in a few seconds. The fine mechanical system B. MATIC guarantees a solid and reliable machine. PROTEC CM ADR can be equipped with a flag Inserter to divide the batch stack of predetermined paper quantities (optional).

monday 22 may 2017 - 15:12

Toghether with the Key Industry Pack Print  players, B. MATIC SRL is present at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 23 to 26 May. with the newest and most innovative Sheet Counter machine "Protec CM ADR 32 ",which thanks to the latest technology and  innovations of the latest generation,  has tripled the speed and precision counting on thin sheets. ADR 32 is perfect for commercial printing, converting and packaging applications.

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