The range of B.MATIC machines for the packaging sector includes the automatic friction feeders that can be used both alone and in the packaging line as friction feeders of flat products, the F350 VISION vision systems which include a friction feeder and a code or text reader with specialized software and the F350 MARKER markers.

Friction feeder and counter "F350 COUNTER Sc"

friction feeder F350 COUNTER
friction feeder for pharmaceutical leaflets and cartons

Feeding on packaging lines or counting and batching flat products of small dimensions


"F350 COUNTER SC" is the new friction feeder and sheets counter with OCS technology (opposing cantilever shafts) to feed and count products such as labels, envelopes, credit cards, tickets, brochures and many others. "F350 COUNTER SC" is programmable for feeding, counting and batching and has been realized in the B.MATIC tradition as a solid and reliable machine for industrial use. It can be used as a friction sheets counter or as a friction feeder for single or multiple sheets on external pulse.



- pharmaceutical cartons 

- pharmaceutical leflets (folded)

- envelopes

-post cards

-invitation cards

-greeting cards


-pharma pouches

-folded pharma leaflets

-lids of food catering aluminum containers 

-envelopes with documents inside to be scanned and mailed 

-credit cards

-plastic card

-playing cards

-vouchers, tickets



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"F350 COUNTER SC VISION" friction feeder with optical sensor for vision application

friction feeder with vision for pharmaceutical

Product feeding, reading 1D / 2D codes on top or perfroming OCR or visual inspections on fed products. 


"F350 COUNTER SC VISION" integrates a professional friction feeder, a vision sensor and specialized software into a machine flexible and easy to use, for the most popular vision applicationsin barcode and datamatrix scanning and OCR or conformity verification for flat products such as labels, coupons, envelopes, lottery tickets, pharma cartons.



- pharmaceutical leaflets and cartons 






-admission test  

-compliance charts 

-mail fulfillment with addresses code verification 


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"F350 COUNTER SC MARKER" feeder with inkjet marker


Feeding and printing variable data on flat products 


F350 COUNTER SC MARKER" is B.Matic new friction counter, equipped with OCS technology (Opposing Cantilever Shafts) and a marking head with high resolution 600 DPI cartridge(s). Besides counting products as labels, envelopes, credit cards, tickets, pamphlets and many others, this model allows to impress numbers, linear and bidimensional bar codes or logos. F350 Counter S Marker is a sound and reliable machine, intended for professional use.



-Pharmaceutical Cases


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Compact friction feeder equipped with OCS technology; mechanical unit with motor to be controlled by external electronics


"F350 COMPACT"- The ideal solution for packaging lines, it includes motor and counting photocell.



 - installed as OEM on packaging line


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Automatic sheets counter from the pile PACK MOVER 

Counting of sheets up to 70 x 100 cm with single head or twin ADR 32 counting heads (3.000 sheets/minute) and automation of pile loading / unloading.


 PROTEC PACK MOVER for the pile automatic counting up to 70 x 100 cm.


- Counting of sheets up to 70 x 100 cm with the new ADR 32 technology.

PROTEC ADR 32 L the sheets counters with table known worldwide with its sturdy steel structure and refined mechanical core.

- photo paper
- multicolored reams
- art paper
- greeting/ wedding/ invitation cards
- stickers/ adhesive lables sheet
- collection stickers and cards paper/ cardboard reams of special sheets


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