After-sales services

B.Matic provides an advanced after-sales service system following the customer in all phases of machine life:

Standard warranty (included) on all parts for 12 months.
On site warranty (on request) includes all the services of the standard warranty, plus it is provided at the Customer's premises.
Standard warranty extension (on request) allows you to extend the normal standard warranty period.
On-site warranty extension (on request) allows you to extend the on-site warranty period.

The machine is normally delivered by our dealers or our technicians, installed, tested, with an in-depth course on use and ordinary maintenance.
If the machine is shipped, you will receive a detailed installation video from the packaging removal phase, to its use and maintenance, furthermore our operators and technicians will be able to guide you through commissioning and all machine operations.

In addition to the Use and Maintenance Manual which provides detailed practical advice for adjusting the machine and solving the main problems, assistance for B.Matic machines can be carried out in various ways:

  • Customer assistance carried out by our resellers / our internal technicians.
  • Video demo of all the main operating phases for regulation.
  • Video conference service with specialized technicians who explain by showing an identical and functioning machine at our headquarters, how to intervene for adjustments, replacement of parts and for operational advice
  • Telephone Support
  • Support via Email
  • For a more accurate overhaul / repair service, it is possible to send the machine to our production plant (depends on the type of machine)

    Scheduled maintenance
    Scheduled maintenance is strongly recommended to ensure correct operation over time, avoiding repair costs and production downtime, which is why we recommend purchasing our maintenance packages at advantageous prices, choosing the best time for your needs in advance.

    Supplies of spare parts and consumables
    Supplies are normally carried out by our resellers, but can also be carried out directly by B.Matic.
    The supplies of consumables and spare parts are managed by B.Matic using automatic vertical warehouses using a sophisticated coding system. This management system significantly reduces average delivery times to 3 working days.
    The commercial conditions of the services can be provided on request.
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