"Tab-In" line of tab inserters

The new generation strip counter, developed with experience since 1986, is a highly technological compact, versatile, expandable device, available in different executions, from the simplest and most economical, to the most complex for every type of application, with the B.MATIC quality recognized in Worldwide.

Sheet Counting Machine Line ADR 32

B.Matic has been producing sheet counting machines since 1986, more than 7,000 machines sold all over the world used by the most important producers of paper money, security documents and banknotes, it invented the ADR 32 counting technology.
The ADR 32 counting head was designed and built to meet the strict standards required for counting paper money / Security sector, but is also perfect for commercial printing, converting and packaging applications.
Find out more. ADR Technology 32

Friction Feeders Line F350 with OCS Technology

B.Matic has created the "F350" line of friction sheet feeders / sheet counters with OCS (opposed cantilever pins) technology for feeding and counting products such as labels, envelopes, credit cards, banknotes, brochures and more. many others.
The "F350" line was made in the solid and reliable B.MATIC tradition for industrial use.
It includes a range of products: simple feeder "Compact", feeder with counting electronics "Counter SC", feeder with inspection chamber "Vision", feeder with variable data marking "Marker". Furthermore, the range includes many accessories for the creation of entire packaging lines, such as transport belts and stackers.

Automatic stack sheet counter "Pack Mover"
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