Tab inserter "TAB-IN COMPACT"

TAB-IN COMPACT tab inserter is the TAB-IN line item complete with mechanical unit and  electronics to control the adjustments. It is used to insert tab at reception of simple pulse with no need to program pulse duration. All the settings for tab length and delay are easily done via the embedded controller with no need for programming the PLC of main machine. Typical applications: Quality Control / Paper converting.

Provides  all adjustment functions to set the tab length and cut delay.

Tab feeding is triggered by external system with a simple pulse.


Compact control unit and tilting for an easy access on high and low pile applications.

 Simple programming by membrane panel.


 Application by pedestal or fixing bracket.

 TAB-IN COMPACT tab inserter may be transferred between machines.

 Accurate insertion thanks to "double ribbing" technology impressing side ribs on the tabs to keep them straight.

 Tape rolls 200 Mt long for less frequent tape replacements.


Perfect solution for Quality Control Systems to mark waste sheets by tab insertion. The Quality Control triggers the tab firing by a simple pulse.

All the adjustments are controlled directly by the TAB-IN COMPACT membrane interface. 


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