Tab inserter "TAB-IN PUSH"



The tab inserters  "TAB-IN PUSH MDX" and "TAB-IN PUSH MSX " are the units of the TAB-IN line that are controlled by external PLC / electronic but at the same time incorporate  enhanced electronic and functions. They have been recenlty upgraded to the new 2014 version with a number of new features for any requirement. 


  1. They are powered by their own connection (230 VAC) and are equipped by  an internal electronic board with relays so that the tab insertion can be controlled directly pulse from PLC.
  2. Further they are fit with two push buttons to fire and cut the trial tabs when the tape is replaced. 
  3. In addition they can be integrated with optional sensors for end-of-tape and tape jam. 


Finally "TAB-IN PUSH MDX" and "TAB-IN PUSH MSX " can by also equipped with the twin tape roll to activate automatically the second inline roll at the end of the first one without intervention by the operators, in order to double the machine autonomy.


 Application by pedestal or fixing bracket.

 Accurate tab insertion thanks to "double ribbing" technology impressing side ribs on the tabs to keep them straight.

 Tape rolls 200 Mt long for less frequent tape replacements.


Usual application: sheeters or die cutting machines.

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