Products F Counter 350 con Tecnologia OCS "F350 COUNTER SC VISION", o novo alimentador de fricção com tecnologia OCS.

"F350 COUNTER SC VISION" friction feeder with optical sensor for vision application

"F350 COUNTER SC VISION" integrates a professional friction feeder, a vision sensor and specialized software into a machine flexible and easy to use, for the most popular vision applications

in barcode and datamatrix scanning and OCR or conformity verification for flat products such as labels, coupons, envelopes, lottery tickets, pharma cartons. 


The vision sensor can be installed on the machine or on the outfeed conveyor with optional ejection of the flawed products. The software is customizable on demand. 

"F350 COUNTER SC VISION" can solve many vision applications in a more efficient way than competitor complex and expensive vision systems.


 B.MATIC has a long experience in 1D and 2Ds codes scanning applications: in cooperation with leading suppliers of optical detection systems: we can provide the right solution for your job. High performance readers  type can be supplied to  detect all common families of 1D barcodes and 2D codes (datamatrix), A full range of  sensors is available to accommodate to the required speed, reading field and distance from the product. Other applications include: OCR and dimensional inspection, image analysis (shape / colour), conformity verification (feature presence / absence).


Since "F350 COUNTER SC VISION" is controlled by a PLC, it is possible to adapt the machine programming code to your job logic. 


Depending on the configuration and accessories selected, the 1D, 2D codes, and texts decoded:  

  • can be exported to your IT system
  • can be compared to templates 
  • can be matched with files of data imported from your IT system 
  • can be elaborated on demand.  


 "F350 COUNTER SC VISION" is based on the friction feeder "F350 COUNTER SC" with OCS technology.