"TAB-IN HS COUNTER" represents the professional solution for all of those applications requiring:

1  Extremely high counting speed, up to 500 CPS, with programmable anti-disturbance digital filter granting a perfect counting synchronization.

2  Clearly visible and easy to use Control Unit with a modern user friendly interface and advanced functions such as tape roll monitoring, pulse programming and alarm lamp.

3  Synchronic control over two inserting units.


It is compounded of a sturdy steel case, suitable for either wall or table installations with adjustable leaning, equipped with a 7" touch screen panel and controlled by a PLC.

It can be easily connected with up to two TAB-IN inserting units.

It receives the counting impulse either from the main machine copy counter or from en external sensor, of which B.MATIC provides a wide choice.

From a single counting impulse it is possible to program the tabbing in one or two machines either synchronically or independently.

It can operate the new double tape inserting units, which grant a continuous tabbing without machine stops.


It is possible to program: 

▪    tabbing frequency

▪    tab length

▪    cut delay

▪    counting multiplier activated in case of multiple web (paper mills sheeters) 

▪    leading / trailing edge trigger 

▪    anti disturbance digital filter 


Further functions:


▪    Tape autonomy calculation based on working cycles, with personalized setting of tab length 


Main applications:


▪    Rotary or offset printing machines

▪    Die cutters

▪    Laminators

▪    Sheeter for paper mills with one or two output pallets (or 4 output pallets with split)

Other machines with outlet stacker
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