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Paper counter "PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 H"

General functions of PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 line 

The PROTEC ADR 32 sheets counting machines are designed to count sheets of paper, cardboard and plastic up to 300/500/800 GSM depending on the model. The ream aligned by the operator under the counting head is counted on the corner without shifting the sheets. The counting is done sucking the sheets one by one without curling not scratching them. It is possible to activate the pack splitting system to divide the pack with tab insertion.


"PROTEC ADR 32 ST2" line sheets counting machines are equipped with the original ADR 32 counting technology.


"PROTEC ADR 32 ST2" is  able to count paper, cardboard and plastics from about 40GSM to 300 GSM depending on the single model, achieving a fast speed of 3.000 sheets per minute without curling nor scratches on the sheets.


The same speed is practically achieved even during tab insertion. Easy settings with quick replacements of counting plates. There is an high margin of tolerance to curled sheets thanks to the newly introduced "Stabilizer" system.


Is fit for big size sheets and for heavy use, with a rugged structure and the best technical solutions. Object of continuous improvements down to the tiniest details drawing on a 30 years long experience.


Delivered Worldwide to:

  • security printers
  • commercial printers
  • paper merchants and converters
  • binding workshops
  • plastic cards and plastic sheets manufacturers.




  • Sheets counting and batching (pack splitting with tab insertion).
  • Counting preset numbers of sheets and stopping for pick up.
  • Counting totals accruing in case of multiple packs counting job.
  • Advice for the job correct settings to the operator.
  • Storing up to 8 counting settings.
  • Periodical maintenance deadline notification.
  • Sensors diagnostic systems. 
  • Suitable for quantity control applications and for pack splitting into reams.




  • Table 70 x 100 (cm) with or without air floatation.
  • Small size adapting tray.
  • Counting data transmission to external computers.



  • Counting with latest "ADR 32" technology without corner deformation nor scratching, up to 3.000 sheets minute.
  • Robust steel table 50 mm thick to facilitate packs handling and aligning.
  • Wide and sturdy side knock ups for an effective ream alignment
  • 7" high resolution touch screen interface, entirely graphical with user friendly dialogue.
  • Paper edge detection by optic fiber technology.
  • Sturdy 250 KG structure to reduce vibrations.
  • Electric cabinet under front panel for easy and quick inspection.
  • Curled-sheets tolerant counting with the "Stabilizer" system.


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100µM Demo
60GSM Demo