"F350 COUNTER SC" friction feeder and sheets counter

Further to an in-depth analysis associated with 25 years of experience, B.Matic has invented the new friction  feeder / counter with OCS technology (patent pending).

"F350 COUNTER SC" is the latest generation of this family of friciton feeders that has received warm welcome worldwide. 
Friciton feeding / counting flat products such as:

- envelopes 
- plastic and credit cards 
- participations, tickets 
- labels   
- brochures 
- security products such as scratch cards, lottery etc.
"F350 COUNTER SC" can be used as a stand-alone machine for counting and batching or as a friciton feeder for packaging lines activated by external impulse.

It is a feeder, counter, batch counter. 
Reliable product separation thanks to the acceleration of products at exit.
Verification by encoder to avoid incorrect counting of two joint sheets.
Quick adjustment for products width moving the entire mechanical singulating assembly with a single knob.
Hardware and software for counting and separation in batches with adjustable pause between batches.
Touch screen 4,7" rotatable on turret  for convenient use with "text free" icon interface.
Mechanics  designed for industrial use.
All moving parts have been protected with surface treatments.

USB and ETHERNET connectivity enabling monitoring from PC, data communication, firmware update and remote support.
Anti-jamming double sheet sensor (optional).
The OCS technology (opposed cantilever shafts) solves the problem of periodic belt replacement, simplifying the operation and reducing machine downtime without  need for specialized technicians.
Base with anti-slip guides and adjustable height, interfaced outfeed conveyor  for practical product collection, preloading conveyor and others on request.

Donwload the literature for F350 conveyor 

 Donwload literature for device with imminent end-of-load sensor
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