The structure of the PROTEC ADR 32 ST2

• The structure of the PROTEC ADR 32 ST2  consists in a single element and guarantees rigidity and low vibrations.
• PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 can be easily moved using a normal pallet truck and features sturdy feet with anti-vibration rubber which ensure a stable stance. We have adopted this system because we believe that machines on wheels do not guarantee a stable positioning and are therefore inadequate for sheets counting.
• PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 has large and precise aligners which make it possible to easily align reams even of large formats. With smaller aligners the work of the operators becomes considerably more complicated.
• In PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 it is possible to load reams up to 200 mm high, we have defined this maximum value to avoid excessive strains and alignment difficulties to the operators: according to our tests, the handling of higher reams actually reduces productivity.
• The tables of sheets counting machines are likely to bear heavy loads that can cause wear. For this reason the PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 is not fit with a wooden table but, instead, wit a sturdy steel table 5 cm thick, which supports loads up to 200 Kg.
• The table height of 880mm in the PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 is perfectly levelled to industrial guillotines and joggers. Paper counter with lower table heights force operators to constantly lift the stacks in order to move them.
• We think safety is important and that's why we use CE compliant door switches
• All our machines feature only high quality mechanical and electronic components that are easy to replace.
• New high definition touch screens, with USB and Ethernet ports.
• New icon software with extended features and built-in diagnostics
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