Sheet counting machine "PROTEC ADR 32 ST2"

General description.

The "PROTEC ADR 32 ST2" sheet counting machine has been designed for high volumes in the commercial printing sector, but with dedicated software it can also be used for securities and banknotes in the security sector.


It can count sheets of paper, cardboard and plastic from 40 to 800 GSM at a speed of 3,000 sheets/min, without scratching or curling the corner.
Counting takes place physically by picking the heets one by one. It is also possible to split the ream by means of a separation tab.

Suitable for large formats and intense use, with a solid structure and the best technologies. Object of continuous improvements in every detail thanks to an experience dating back to 1986.

Distributed all over the world to printers and security paper printers, commercial printers, paper and cardboard converting, paper merchants and book binding, credit card and plastic sheet producers.


The "PROTEC ADR 32 ST2" line includes 3 models:


- "L" for counting from 40 to 300 gsm.
- "H" for counting from 200 to 800 gsm.
- "W" to count from 40 to 800 gsm.

Demo Videos:
Protec ADR 32 ST2 Sheets Counter demo

Protec ST2 60GSM Paper Sheets Demo

Protec_ST2 100µM Demo


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