ADR 32 compared to Pin and Blade system

• Does not bend the corner. ADR 32 No Curling System with the planar movement from top to bottom of the double suction blades very similar to the manual gesture, has solved the problem of the Pin and Blade system, which bends the edges due to the Pin (Pin) which like a satellite revolves around the Blade (Palette).
• Does not stain. ADR 32 has greatly reduced the problem of ink transfer on both the upper and lower sides of the sheets caused by the Pin which rotates around the Blade like a satellite.
• Quickly adjusted. With the ADR 32 Easy Clips system it is possible to replace the counting plates in a few seconds without unscrewing screws and without using spanners or Allen keys. In Pin and Blade counting technologies, tools must be used which require more complex operations and much longer times.
• Does not press down on paper. Thanks to the ADR 32 Motorized level system, the counting head controlled by a sophisticated motorized system is positioned delicately on the sheets without damaging them from the beginning to the end of the pack. On the contrary, the Pin and Blade system supports the stack by weight on the suction pallet and consequently the weight increases according to the height of the stack.
• Fast, up to 3,000 sheets per minute and even with the Tab-Inserter the speed drops very little.
• Versatile. The ADR 32 Wide Thickness Range system is the only machine that can count up to 800GSM* and for this reason it houses a 16 m2/h* pump inside. The Pin and Blade system, on the other hand, reaches up to a maximum of 255 GSM.
• Tape Saving System At the subdivision system only 6 cm long, but clearly visible red flags instead of 15 cm long white (green) flags used by other competing systems with consequent consumption / replacement of double the reels.
• The ducts do not clog. The dust present in the sheets tends to dirty the filters and clog the ducts, to avoid this problem the suction ducts we use are double (they have a double section area) of the other systems, reducing maintenance.
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