Easy Clip technology and the Stabilizer device

The Easy Clip technology consists of a simplified system to adjust the machine for the sheets' thickness.

In practice, with a simple manual operation which can be done by a normal operator, the counting plates can be replaced in a few seconds.

With the Pin & Blade system the counting blade replacement takes much more time and is done only by a technician or an operator with mechanical skill and mechanical tools. 

Also in the Disc system the operation of replacement / disassembly for cleaning takes place with the aid of mechanical tools, with the risk that an accidental fall can damage the disk irreparably, forcing the company to purchase an expensive spare 

The Stabilizer device solves the problem of sheets deformed on the surface, improving counting accuracy.
How it works: A metal strip presses down the deformed sheets flattening the surface. (It is necessary to select the appropriate strip according to the type of sheets).
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