Table Top Sheet Counting Machine PROTEC ADR 32 CM

The paper counter PROTEC ADR 32 CM is the compact model that exploits the ADR 32 high-speed counting technology.


An optimized technical design has allowed us to create a solid tabletop machine equipped with an exclusive system, which makes our models unique in the world.


The paper counter PROTEC ADR 32 CM is equipped with the latest ADR 32 sheets counting technology and has been specifically designed for small to medium formats and medium counting volumes.  It does not feature the same heavy construction as the PROTEC ADR 32 ST2 and cannot be equipped with data export or air folataiton table.

For high volumes of heavy reams, the ADR 32 L/H/W models are recommended.


There are 3 models available:


CM 1 : for sheets up to 150 GSM, maximum speed 1,400 sheets/minute.
CM 2: for sheets up to 250 GSM, maximum speed 2,400 sheets/minute.
CM 3: for sheets up to 500 GSM, maximum speed 2,400 sheets/minute.


It is a benchtop model that can be supplied with a tab inserter, table up to 70 x 100 cm and base.


This paper counting machine is an Ideal solution for medium-low counting volumes, and for working in line with guillotines.


Suitable for use in small offices and print shops.


The structure of PROTEC ADR 32 CM


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