PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 double head security sheet counter

PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 is the sheet counter of the PROTEC line equipped with two counting heads on high performance ADR 32 technology.


Unlike other technologies available on the market, it counts without bending the corner upwards, it does not scratch the sheets and does not require daily cleaning to
avoid ink smudging on the sheets.


Furthermore PROTEC ADR 32 TH2 can accurately count in case of upward and downward deformations with the new "Active Pressers Technology (APT):
a presser system that can be easily activated from the touch panel based on the type of sheet, combined with the new stabilizer "Stabilizer System 4"
The programming interface is via a large, high-resolution, icon-based touch screen for universal use.


It is a machine with an extremely robust structure (850 kg of solid steel) mechanically designed for professional and long-lasting use.
Three versions are available:


PROTEC ADR 32 TWIN HEAD L, sheets from 40 to 300 GSM
PROTEC ADR 32 TWIN HEAD H, sheets from 200 to 800 GSM
PROTEC ADR 32 TWIN HEAD W, sheets from 40 to 800 GSM


The same versions are also produced with a single head, maintaining the same structure and solutions adopted for security and high security counting.


1. No deformation or scratching of the sheet corner due to "ADR 32" technology.
2. Maximum counting speed: 3,000 sheets/minute.
3. Maximum counting speed (3,000 sheets/minute) unchanged even during tabbing.
4.Active Pressure "APT" technology to accurately count even highly deformed sheets (optional).


Click here for more information on the machine structure.
Click here for more information on counting technology.
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