TAB-IN "TOP COUNTER" represents the professional solution for all of those applications requiring complete control over up to eight inserting units, and the possibility of receiving input signals from the units in case of end-of-tape and tape jamming alarms.

Perfectly suits the needs of paper mills and paper converters which integrate several inserting units in their cutters, often in positions which are uneasy to reach for the operator.

It is compounded of a sturdy steel case, suitable for either wall or table installations with adjustable leaning, equipped with a 7" high definition touch screen panel, which allows easy programming, and controlled by a PLC.

It can control up to eight TAB-IN line inserting units type TAB-IN PUSH with optional end-of-tape and tape-jam sensors and optional double tape inserting rolls which grant a continuous tabbing without machine stops.

The connection is achieved through an interposed relay box with a single cable (20 Mt), in order to simplify the wiring and keep it neat.

It receives the counting impulse either from the main machine copy counter or from en external sensor, of which B.MATIC provides a wide choice; perfect for high speed applications.

From a single counting impulse it is possible to program the tabbing in up to eight machines either synchronically or independently.


It is possible to program:


1  Tabbing frequency

2  Total amount of sheets/packs

3  Tab length

4  Cut delay

5  Counting multiplier activated in case of multiple web (for roll-to-sheet cutters)


Further functions:


▪    Tape autonomy calculation based on working cycles

▪    Counting multiplier activated in case of multiple web (for paper mill sheeters)

▪    Detection of impending end-of-tape alarms coming from the tab inserters

▪    Detection of tape jamming alarms coming from the tab inserters

▪    Additional output for error signal, allowing main machine control.

▪    Inserting unit programming either in the synchronic or in the independent mode.




▪    Transmission of production data to an external network.


Main applications:


Paper mill sheeters with up to eight outlet pallets.
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