ADR 32 compared to Disc system

• Does not scratch, ADR 32 No Scratch System with the planar movement from top to bottom of the double suction blades very similar to the manual gesture has solved the problem of the Disc which, on the contrary, using a horizontal helix movement fits laterally for a few centimeters crawling on the surface of the leaves. This sliding can cause scratches especially in the presence of fresh printing and plastic sheets.
• It is not necessary to clean it. ADR 32 Ink Cleaning Free System does not accumulate ink on the counting hands and has therefore solved the problem of the Disk system which, by sliding on the sheets, forces maintenance personnel to frequently disassemble it to clean it and remove the accumulated ink.
• Detect Bent Edges In the security industry, Edge Counting detects any bent and damaged edges, unlike some disk systems that count on the edge.
Fast ADR 32 counts up to 3000 sheets per minute which, associated with reduced start-up times, do not fear comparison with the disk system. Theoretically it is faster, but compared to the counting cycle times, real productivity is practically identical.
• Quickly adjusted With the ADR 32 Easy Clip system you can replace the counting plate in a few seconds without unscrewing screws and without using spanners or Allen keys. In the disc counting system it is necessary to use tools that force more complex operations and with much longer times that cannot be carried out by untrained operators.
• Reduction of accidental risks ADR 32 avoids accidental risks during routine maintenance. If a counting plate is dropped, it can be picked up and reassembled, while if a disc is dropped, it almost certainly needs to be replaced and is not cheap.
• Does not press down on paper. ADR 32 Motorized Level System. The counting head controlled by a sophisticated motorized system is positioned delicately on the sheets without damaging them from the beginning to the end of the pack, unlike other counting systems which rely on weight and consequently the weight of the pack itself increases.
• Versatile The ADR 32 Wide Thickness Range system is the only machine that can count paper, cardboard and plastic up to 800GSM* and for this reason it houses a 16 m2/h* pump inside. the Disc system, on the other hand, reaches up to a maximum of 500GSM.
• The ducts do not clog. The dust present in the sheets tends to dirty the filters and clog the ducts, to avoid this problem the suction ducts we use are double (they have a double section area) of the other systems, reducing maintenance.

See ADR 32 Counting Head Video
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